Network Benefits

Network Benefits

Why become a member of Property Agents Network?
Network Benefits

1. We have just finished building a cutting edge platform to bring investor confidence back to the real estate industry.

2. The network is a group of agents whom we have worked with like you so we know them and are reputable.

3. We are offering a platform for listing properties and trading leads. If you have a client whose property needs you can't meet, you can trade that lead for cash or other leads.

4. Trading is by way of matching client needs to the property you have uploaded on the platform. Points are awarded based of an algorithim that matches lead needs and project description.

-Trading is an agents decision. You decide if you want to sell anlead and if so to sell and at how much. There is a min selling fee of Kes 100.

-If a lead scores very high, the network can assist you upon your request to trade on commission.

5. Mechanisms are in place to secure trade, ensure only genuine leads are sold and discourage those who may try to sell fake leads.

6. There is a subscription fee starting as low as 2k per month. But we are offering you a one month free trial upon registration.

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