Tonny Muiruri Mutungu

Tonny Muiruri Mutungu

Turnkey Marketing and Management
Tonny Muiruri Mutungu

Managing Partner: TMM Hospitality Ltd
(Turnkey Marketing and Management in Hospitality ltd)

Mr. Muiruri has more than 26 years of experience in the hospitality Industry

He is a Certified Internet marketer – CIM UK, Chartered Marketer from Chartered institute of Marketing (CIM) London, holds a B.Sc. in Hospitality Industry from Florida International University, and a Diploma in Hotel Manager – Kenya Utalii College - Nairobi

TMM as is commonly referred to within the hospitality sector has a in-depth understanding on hospitality related issues of development management Project management, contracting and both Hotel management and Sales and marketing strategy.

He has been involved in Hospitality Real Estate acquisitions within the hospitality industry – ranging from Small Resturant operations to Distressed hotels that are looking for new owners, to research and development and recruitment for new Hospitality units.

TMM brings on board his regional expertise from having managed Marketed and developed strategies in various projects that he has been involved in.